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Looking for APH Doujinshi [PUBLIC POST]

I mainly set this up because a friend asked us which doujinshi we were in search of for a gift, and I already had most of the list done anyway. This does not include ANY books from the upcoming comiket, just material that is already released.

Also these are not in any sort of order (they're by release date in a lot of cases, but that's it). So um, for future personal reference and I guess if we ever do trades (which we might if we get doubles or something)? Well and if there's ever another situation where it is your desire to gift us something.

Also if there's anything you see on the list that you'd be interested in selling to us, please offer!

I'll update this post anytime we want to add something or anytime we need to remove something (because we acquired it).

Circle: Hoshitamago
1) Dear Sir, It's Raining in London
2) スナオ サカモドリ ツアー

Circle: C
1) no starting line

Circle: Linaria
1) You take my breath away
2) HoneyLemon
3) Let's Hold Hands
4) 好きの背くらべ
5) Rosy Cheek
6) あめのちくもり、ときどきはれ

Circle: Futawa
1) 初デートしました!

Circle: Soyugo
1) RPG

Circle: Saxe
1) One Way

Circle: Shiki
1) Reason for Smile
2) Voice
3) King of Hero
4) Kimi to te wo Motto Kimi to

Circle: Omega2D
1) Saga of Iceland (USxIceland, USxUK)

Circle: Hinako Seta
1) Understanding (DenmarkxNorway)
2) Anko Uza (DenmarkxNorway)

Circle: Ei Taichibana, jam3
1) Mur Mur (Russia/Baltics/Slavs Gag Book

Circle: Travel Theater
1) Re-record Anthology (SwedenxFinland)
2) Any of their other books except for See You (little America and England), Dede-den (Denmark-uke) and Fushigi na Suu-san (SuFin). This includes the GreecexJapan, because we'd love to own that one in addition to all their Nordic books.
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