This journal is friends only...

Please read the below before asking to be added. If you know me from somewhere else, let me know when you comment. I might not make the connection otherwise.

And here's a little about me that you might want to know before friending me:

1. I do talk a lot about fandom. My main fandom is currently Hetalia with a side helping of Doctor Who (RTD era and Classic) and Harry Potter. You can check THIS POST HERE for my pairing/character preferences.

2. Speaking of fandom, I can understand disliking a character now and then, but I really dislike character bashing. If this is something you do often in your journal, we probably won't get along too well.

3. My posts vary from silly to serious, giddy to infuriated. I do greatly appreciate comments from time to time, but I am not demanding of them. I will always try to comment to your posts when I feel there's something I'd like to say, unless a real life issue has infringed upon my lj time (which does happen).

4. I am tolerant of the beliefs of others, but the posting of homophobic and of course racist sentiments fall under things that I will defriend you for.

5. I do love the lj-cut, so please make sure you're someone who uses it when it's needed. Some level of consideration for grammar and spelling is also very much appreciated.

If you're still interested in friending me, do comment here!

(My old friends only post was deleted by accident. Yeah, I have no idea how I did that. *laugh* Anyway, here's a new one.)
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Blog Crews

Because my userinfo was getting a bit clunky.

Blog Crews:


America & England
my OTP.
Sweden & Finland
my OTP.

are tied together

[England, America, and Japan]
"and we're the three best friends that anyone could have!"
"and we’ll never ever ever ever ever leave each other"

America England is my Hetalia otp.
Axis Powers Hetalia ENGLAND

InuyashaKagome {ANIMANGA SHIPS} * 『SHIPPING SimonNia * *[[{ iam_the Ronald Weasley of LiveJournal }]]* * Disney Blogcrew Remy [Ratatouille] * Princess Tutu Blogcrew {} Rue * ☆Nakajima Youko [Sekishi/Kei-ou]☆ >> Juuni Kokki * [[ Rumic Blog Crew {◊} Inuyasha and Ran

gave me tea.

gave me a Coke.

is making my day purrrfect...

is making my day purrrfect...
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Oh look it's a public post!

I've had A LOT of people add me on livejournal lately, and I know that a fair amount of you are friends from tumblr. If you've added me, and I haven't added you back, can you reply and let me know who you are so I can add you back?

Thanks a lot. ♥

Looking for APH Doujinshi [PUBLIC POST]

I mainly set this up because a friend asked us which doujinshi we were in search of for a gift, and I already had most of the list done anyway. This does not include ANY books from the upcoming comiket, just material that is already released.

Also these are not in any sort of order (they're by release date in a lot of cases, but that's it). So um, for future personal reference and I guess if we ever do trades (which we might if we get doubles or something)? Well and if there's ever another situation where it is your desire to gift us something.

Also if there's anything you see on the list that you'd be interested in selling to us, please offer!

I'll update this post anytime we want to add something or anytime we need to remove something (because we acquired it).

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PUBLIC POST- Entertainment List and Writing Progress 2009

Last year I watched thirty movies and read thirty books (way below my goal). Let's see if I can beat that this year. I know it's not technically entertainment, but I'm also going to include the amount of words I've written this year- both original works and fanfiction. I'll have a tally for both put together and a tally for each one separately. I'm aiming for one hundred thousand words total, which actually seems pretty feasible. Last year I wrote a paltry 25,428, but I wrote all but about five thousand of that in the last two months of the year. I need write only a little over 8,000 words a month to meet this goal, so I'll be really let down with myself if I don't.


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Rumic Blog Crew

This is a blogcrew dedicated to claiming characters from all of Rumiko Takahashi's many works. A blogcrew is a 'crew' of fans made up of livejournal users. There's no actual involvement needed outside putting the code in your userinfo/somewhere else visible. As such, it's pretty much just for fun.

1- You may claim two characters, but they can not be from the same series. For example, while you would be free to claim Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku and Miroku from InuYasha, you would not be able to claim Kyoko and Godai, both from Maison Ikkoku. If you don't know who you want as a second character, you're more than welcome to back at a later point and claim.

2- Any character is fine, no matter how major or minor. Only one person per character.

3- Anything written by Rumiko is fair game, no matter how well known or obscure. For freedom's sake, I'll also allow anything that she had heavy involvement in like Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken.

4- Rumic Theater/World refers to her short stories. If you're not sure where yours would go if you want someone from a short, that's fine. Just give us the name of the story/character and we'll make sure it's listed in the correct place.

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I'll reply and let you know when I've added you!