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Rumic Blog Crew

This is a blogcrew dedicated to claiming characters from all of Rumiko Takahashi's many works. A blogcrew is a 'crew' of fans made up of livejournal users. There's no actual involvement needed outside putting the code in your userinfo/somewhere else visible. As such, it's pretty much just for fun.

1- You may claim two characters, but they can not be from the same series. For example, while you would be free to claim Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku and Miroku from InuYasha, you would not be able to claim Kyoko and Godai, both from Maison Ikkoku. If you don't know who you want as a second character, you're more than welcome to back at a later point and claim.

2- Any character is fine, no matter how major or minor. Only one person per character.

3- Anything written by Rumiko is fair game, no matter how well known or obscure. For freedom's sake, I'll also allow anything that she had heavy involvement in like Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken.

4- Rumic Theater/World refers to her short stories. If you're not sure where yours would go if you want someone from a short, that's fine. Just give us the name of the story/character and we'll make sure it's listed in the correct place.

Urusei Yatsura:
Lum- lucifer
Moroboshi Ataru- pantstacular
Fujinami Ryūnosuke- zidane
Ran- haro
Ten- tenshiyoukai
Sakura- balbabunny
Inaba- maarith

Maison Ikkoku:
Godai Yusaku- moonlightmiko
Otonashi Kyoko- dropsofgleam
Mitaka Shun- kirarakim
Ichinose Hanae- kaurin

Mermaid Saga:
Mana- kirarintan

One Pound Gospel:
Sister Angela- moonlightmiko

Ranma 1/2:
Saotome Ranma- hybrid_kitten
Tendou Akane- dropsofgleam
Hibiki Ryouga- amara_anon
Shampoo- inuyashas_nekko
Mousse- rainmage
Tendou Kasumi- kaurin
Kuonji Ukyou- theburglarcat
Unryuu Akari- sexyblack
Pantyhose Taro- tenshiyoukai
Herb- she_wolf

InuYasha- haro
Higurashi Kagome- hybrid_kitten
Sango- prpl_pen
Miroku- k_puff
Naraku- lauriechan
Kouga- kirarakim
Kagura- dragonsquee
Kikyou- inuyashas_nekko
Sesshoumaru- she_wolf
Rin- amara_anon
Bankotsu- abarero
Jakotsu- twosen
Buyo- theburglarcat
Ayame- kirarintan
Shima- vietlicious

Rumic Theater:

Rumic World:
Enjoji Yura (Wasted Minds/Dust Spurt)- maarith



I'll reply and let you know when I've added you!
Tags: animanga: firetripper, animanga: inuyasha, animanga: maison ikkoku, animanga: mermaid forest, animanga: one pound gospel, animanga: ranma 1/2, animanga: rumic world, animanga: rumiko takahashi, animanga: urusei yatsura, anime, fandom, lj, manga
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